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  • 29 Sep 2022

Pallet delivery services are critical for businesses sending bulky items, large quantities and especially large volumes interstate. They provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for companies who need to move their goods quickly and efficiently. Additionally, pallet delivery services offer a number of other benefits, including flexibility, convenience and safety.

Freight Save provides the most affordable options for Pallet freight and bulk delivery services. We specialize in interstate pallet shipping. We continuously develop our systems and technology to make pallet shipping more accessible and efficient. Because for us getting the job done is not enough; it’s about getting it done excellently.

Why does Freight Save specialise in interstate pallet shipping

Freight Save partners with Australia’s most trusted couriers. We trust that our partners will deliver your freight undamaged, on time, and for the right price. We only rely on experts in pallet transport Australia-wide.

For the best service experience, we’ll need to know:

  • The number of goods you need to ship in order to determine your pallet requirement so we can arrange that accordingly.
  • Whether your products are fragile or not. Fragile and dangerous goods have their own challenges and we’re happy to advise on them.

Freight Save provides the best quality, most efficient, and most affordable interstate pallet shipping. Here’s how:


Pallet freight is an efficient way of shipping only when you choose a suitable shipping partner. Experience is essential when you choose a shipping partner for pallet freight. We are one of the most experienced and efficient pallet freight service providers.

No limit to the number of items

Though bulk deliveries or pallet freight require additional load planning and specific truck allocation, you can send any number of items.

Next-day delivery

We provide reliable delivery services using the largest and most reliable fleet. We offer next-day delivery in Australia at no extra charge to many Australian cities, towns, and regions. Freight Save provides an unmatched range of shipping to meet your expectations. We connect many cities through our national network and numerous dedicated routes, often more than once a day.

Customer care

Our innovative local team members focus on listening to your specific needs, and their in-depth knowledge ensures excellent customer service. With a member account, you can easily access various online services, including courier quoting, booking, tracking and all with direct access to our Members help desk.

How to book Pallet freight

For fast and affordable pallet shipping services, contact us with your volume and frequency for the best pricing. Compare prices, and select, reserve, and pay by credit card online. Please read our packaging guidelines, as items shipped over the web and not packaged adequately for shipping may be subject to additional fees and charges.

Wrapping up

At Freight Save, we offer a member-based freight service where our members can access group buying power through our high-volume accounts. Members access discounted group rates for interstate Pallet freight in Australia. Contact us now for more details.