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  • 16 Nov 2022

If your business has been around for decades, you’d likely have some tricks to help you save money and reach your customers. Here are a few more tips to help you keep your costs down and your deliveries and shipping consistent:

Multiple Freight Providers

The rates offered by large freight companies are usually the best because they have many advantages. They give the best discount depending on the circumstances. For example, they have more connections, a wider reach, more connections with warehouses and other modes of transportation, and a much bigger client base. All these elements help reduce the cost of shipping goods from one destination to another.

Larger freight providers have access to a large network of shipping companies, giving customers the best possible rates for shipping goods. They can also offer a range of services to make shipping easy and stress-free, including door-to-door pick-up and delivery, tracking and insurance.

Maximise Modern Technology

You must catch up if you’re still manually inputting data like your customers’ shipping information and tracking numbers into an Excel spreadsheet. Try using a web application that can automate these processes for you instead. This can reduce wasted time that can be better used for marketing and other tasks.

Digital Client Tracking

If you’re regularly calling clients to check on their shipments, it’s time to find a provider with email/SMS tracking. These software systems allow clients to log in to see when and where their parcels are headed. If you use a leading freight company, you should already have access to this advantage.

Multiple Transportation Modes

Your shipping provider should offer various options for shipping your goods. Air and rail freight are usually much faster and may be more affordable than traditional shipping methods.

Longer Shipping Durations

Selecting a slower shipping option when ordering products online is typically cheaper. Most customers are willing to wait a little bit longer to receive their goods as long as they eventually get them. You could save much money on shipping costs by accepting longer delivery times.

Mass Shipping

You can save time and money by shipping all your cargo at once. This way, you can make multiple trips to the shipping company or pay multiple shipping fees. Many companies offer discounts for bulk orders. It is more efficient to wait and ship everything at once rather than sending out individual items every day.

Lastly, Bulk Deals

Bulk deals are a great way to increase sales and attract new customers. By offering a discount on a large order, you can encourage customers to buy more than they normally would. This is a great way to clear out inventory or boost sales during a slow period.

If you are a client who regularly frequents large quantities of items for transit, a reputable shipping provider could offer a discount on their shipping costs. This could encourage you to purchase even more shipping services from your provider, and you may negotiate better rates with your freight broker.

In Conclusion, Talk to a Member Partner

The best way to get good deals with shipping companies is to hold a meeting with them simply. Ask about their rates and discuss your interest in becoming a long-term partner. 

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