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  • 25 Oct 2022

Parcel delivery is a transport service that ensures the transfer of parcels or goods from the sender to the receiver in a short span of time.

When you need a large parcel courier in Australia, Freight Save is the best for discounted and the fastest couriers available.

By partnering with Australia’s leading courier network, Freight Save Member Account holders enjoy the biggest savings compared to other delivery services in Australia.

How to get a free quote for Parcel delivery at Freight Save?

Visit Freight Save’s instant price calculator where you can easily compare the cost of parcel delivery services from Australia’s leading couriers.

How do the parcel delivery services work in Freight Save?

It is very easy to send your large parcels  with Freight Save. Enter your package details and location, compare and select a price, pay online by credit card, and print shipping labels to attach to your package. To find out more about our affordable parcel delivery services, call us today on  1300 696 001!

Why choose Freight Save?

At  Freight Save we provide an extensive range of services for the transportation of both large and small parcels. Once you choose us, we guarantee to send your package with priority.  We have developed our systems and technologies to make transportation both available and efficient.

We are experienced

Companies looking for shipping services in Australia face many challenges regardless of each shipping company’s experience. Our wide experience will help you choose the best large item courier suited to your needs. For example, if you need parcel delivery within Australia, we can help you choose the best courier service to help you achieve this.

We make shipping easier and cheaper for you

We efficiently manage all stages of parcel delivery, including quick quoting, booking, and tracking. We will help you get a shipping discount that is usually only available for high volume senders. We are Australia’s #1 choice for discount shipping invoices and Australia’s best domestic shipping company.

We provide an efficient tracking facility

Shipment tracking is the best way to build trust and create communication with customers. We understand your concern until the product is delivered intact. That’s why we use up-to-date tracking technology with real-time alerts and tracking notifications for you and your customers.

We keep ourselves flexible for our customer’s convenience

You do not need the same level of transportation services throughout the year. Seasonal changes or market trends can change your needs in an instant. Stocking can help you streamline your shipping, reduce your work hours per week and save you hundreds in the process. Warehousing automates the entire e-commerce shipping process so you can focus on growing your business and increasing sales.

What makes Freight Save provide discounted Parcel Delivery in Australia?

We at Freight Save Australia offer bulk shipping discounts on large parcel courier services. Our dedicated help desk handles all member support requests promptly.  Our team will take care of them for you so you can get to work.

Moreover, Your Freight Save Member Account  gives you access to our market-leading cloud-based freight management platform, where you can quote, book  and track all your shipments from one convenient place. Start saving together today!