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  • 25 Feb 2023

Pallet transport in Australia is an important part of the supply chain of many businesses. It’s a cost-effective way to move goods from one place to another and can help businesses save time and money. However, there are a few things you should know before you start shipping pallets in Australia. 

What Are the Types of Pallets Used in Australia? 

The most common type of pallet used in Australia is the standard wooden pallet. These pallets are made of wood and provide a sturdy base to transport goods. They are easily stackable and have a high weight capacity. Wooden pallets are also cost-effective and can be reused multiple times. However, they are unsuitable for transporting sensitive goods such as food and medical supplies, as they may harbour bacteria and fungi.

 Plastic pallets have also become increasingly popular in Australia due to their durability and lightweight. They are made of heavy-duty plastic and are resistant to water, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. They are also non-porous, meaning they do not harbour bacteria or fungi. Plastic pallets are ideal for transporting sensitive goods and are more expensive than wooden pallets. However, they are not as strong as wooden pallets and can be difficult to stack.

Metal pallets are another type of pallet used in Australia. They are made of steel, aluminium, or stainless steel and are extremely durable and strong. They are also resistant to fire, water, and extreme temperatures. Metal pallets are more expensive than wooden and plastic pallets, but they provide a longer life cycle and are ideal for transporting heavy goods. However, they are unsuitable for food transportation, as metal can be corrosive.

 What Are the Benefits of Using Pallets for Shipments?

 First, pallets are very cost-effective. Because pallets are used in the shipping industry, they can be purchased in bulk at lower prices than individual crates or boxes. This can help companies reduce their shipping costs. Additionally, using pallets for shipments can also help reduce the time it takes to transport goods. Pallets are designed to be stacked and secured easily, which can help speed up the shipping process.

 Second, pallets are very secure. Pallets are designed to be sturdy and durable, ensuring that the items contained within them are secure and safe. By using pallets, companies can rest assured that their goods will arrive intact and undamaged. Pallets are also designed to be compatible with various types of shipping containers, making them ideal for a variety of shipping needs.

 Finally, pallets are very versatile. Pallets can be adjusted to fit different types of goods and shipments. They can be customised with different materials, colours, and sizes to suit different needs. Additionally, pallets can also be used for a variety of purposes, such as storage, retail displays, and other uses.

 What Are the Pallet Transport Regulations and Standards in Australia?

 In Australia, pallet transport regulations and standards are regulated by the National Transport Commission (NTC). The NTC is responsible for developing and maintaining standards for pallet transport across the country. The NTC also has guidelines for the design and construction of pallets, as well as regulations for the safe operation of pallet transport.

 One of the most important regulations for pallet transport in Australia is the Pallet Design Standard. This standard was developed by the NTC to ensure that pallets are designed and constructed in a way that ensures the safe transport of goods. This standard sets out the minimum requirements for the design and construction of pallets, such as the minimum size and weight of a pallet, as well as the maximum load capacity of a pallet.

Other regulations and standards for pallet transport in Australia include the Safe Working Load Standard, which sets out the maximum load that a pallet can safely carry, and the Pallet Marking Standard, which requires pallets to be clearly marked with the load capacity and other important information.

 Final Thoughts

 Pallet transport in Australia is a convenient, cost-effective way to move goods from one place to another. It’s important to consider the size, weight, and shape of the items being transported when selecting the right pallet type and transport method. With the right knowledge and planning, companies can ensure their goods are safely and efficiently transported.

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