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  • 9 Feb 2021

Preparing small or breakable items for safe transportation requires additional preparation and materials and is easy once you know how.

The following packing tips will help you get your breakable items packaged correctly and safely on their way.

Select correct packaging type

Choose a carton that has enough room to provide at least 5cm of room between the item and the sides of the carton and between multiple items being packaged together.

Avoid packing delicate and breakable items together with heavy or incompatible items.

Protect each item individually

Small and/or delicate items should be well wrapped individually and packaged well clear from the sides of the carton or in separate cartons if possible.

Fill the empty space around the item

Free space between breakable items and the sides of the box should be well packaged with suitable packing material such as packing foam or bubble wrap etc.

Lining the base of the carton with additional packing materials will provide a well cushioned foundation for your item/s.

Label the box

Remember to mark the outside of the carton/s as ‘Fragile’ to alert handlers your package requires careful handling.

Consider using a sensitive freight courier

For extremely fragile and irreplaceable items, Freight Save recommends seeking the services of specialised fragile items handling courier services. These services can cost a small amount more but are great for your peace of mind.

Call the helpful team at Freight Save for a fast and obligation free quote for specialised courier services.