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  • 9 Jan 2021

Did you know that most courier companies have additional fees and charges for handling and transporting goods that are incorrectly or improperly packaged? Charges can be expensive and can quickly add up, especially if you have multiple items included in your booking.

Thankfully there are ways businesses and individuals alike can avoid additional fees and charges for common packing mistakes.

Size matters. Measure, measure, measure!

Entering correct dimensions and weights on booking is one of the easiest ways to avoid manual measurement fees. If your item is measured and/or weighed above the measurements charged for on booking, your item/s will be re-measured and re-weighed and you will most likely be charged a fee for this service as well as the difference in freight costs for the booking. Don’t underestimate the dimensions and weight of your item/s, measure correctly prior to booking.

Selecting the right type of packaging for your items & packing items correctly will also save you money and reduce the risk of items being damaged in transit. Cartons that are too big and have excess free space are costly to move and items are more likely to become damaged. Choose packaging that allows around 5cm of free space around your item that can be filled with cushioning packing material.

Correct labelling

Correct labelling is another important step in ensuring your goods arrive safely and without unnecessary delays or additional fees and charges.

Ensure you print your labels emailed to you on booking and secure a label to each individual carton. Manual connote fees will be applied for the writing of shipping labels and your item may even become delayed or lost.

All labels should;

  • be securely fastened with clear tape over the entire label where possible. This will prevent the label from peeling and protect it during wet weather conditions
  • be the only label on the packaging. If re-using old or original packaging, remember to remove any old labels to avoid your item/s being shipped to the wrong delivery location
  • have all the information clearly visible and in good condition with no smudges, creases or folds.

For a complete guide to the correct packing of your items, see Freight Save’s Packing Guidelines under the Support menu.

Any questions? Call our friendly service team who will be happy to help.