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  • 24 Apr 2021

Following the recent annoncement around changes to shipping perishable items through standard postal services, Australian small food production business owners are looking for affordable food transport options to ship their products and still make a fair profit for their hard work.

We are committed to the continued success and growth of fellow Australian businesses and we’d like to share 3 of our industry observations with you so you can increase your profits without necessarily increasing food transportation costs.

1. Take advantage of weight increments

Most courier freight is calculated in increments of between 1-2 kilograms (including packaging). Find out the increments  and work backwards to get the most bang for your transport buck.

You might like to consider increasing the size or volume of your most popular products to maximise your profits per item or there may be more value in bundling a number of your items to move more stock without increasing transport costs.

2. Find the best rate

Despite the common misconception that couriers are a less affordable, reliable or efficient option than standard postal services, there are likely dozens of services in your area that offer competitive rates, often matching postal services in both delivery time and transport costs.

Freight Save helps save business owners time and money with free comprehensive freight assessments and comparison of the market to find the best rate that matches your specific requirements.

3. Educate customers

These days most of us are conscious of our personal negative contribution on the environment. Another common misconception is that food transportation accounts for the majority of food production related emissions. In fact, food transportation contributes to less that 10% of food production related emissions, with the majority of environmental impacts coming from the production of food iteself.

More surprisingly, road transport services account for one of the least emissions producing transport modes, with air freight ranking #1. So for the environmentally aware customer (and we all should be!), food transport by road actually aligns with a sustainable and cost effective solution.


Did you know Freight Save offers affordable and reliable food transportation Australia wide? Our network of food delivery couriers provide an efficient local and interstate service for perishable goods between most metropolital and regional areas. Contact the helpful team at Freight Save today for a complimentary freight assessment and market analysis and get the best industry rates that match your food delivery needs. Call us today on 1300 696 001.