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  • 13 Jan 2022

Choosing the right courier/shipping company is very crucial when you are sending some of your or others’ valuables from one place to another. Unfortunately, not all courier/shipping companies can cater to all of your needs. Many such companies deliver damaged packages or sometimes packages get lost midway and it becomes impossible to track. Hence the sender has to bear the loss of the damaged or lost package. This is the reason why choosing the best and the right shipping companies are very important and certain factors must be taken into consideration while searching for the perfect courier company. 

Besides the covid 19 pandemic was a setback for the entire world. For over a year all industries and businesses were closed. But we people, our human minds tend to work more when our back hits the wall. Hence cropped up the ‘online’ system of everything. From education to shopping, sending and delivering goods and packages, everything went online. It was during these times when online businesses, small scale as well as large scale flourished even more, like never before, and thus the need for an efficient shipping company to deliver goods and products went on increasing. People started looking for shipping companies that would serve their needs and complete the task in a quick span. 

Choosing the right shipping company

With the increase of online businesses worldwide, the demand for the best courier/shipping companies is also increasing. People need hassle-free services, where their packages will reach their destination safely and soundly and quickly as well. 

So before we search for shipping companies in Australia, let’s learn some factors to consider. 

  •       Availability of services as per requirements
  •       Service costs should be affordable
  •       International or National Courier,
  •       Specialized Service for handling packages of various shapes, sizes, and weights.
  •       Tech-Enabled
  •       Track Record and reviews
  •       Insurance and logistic management

Some shipping companies in Australia rated best by consumers:

Couriers Please, StarTrack, DHL Express, Australia Post, and many more. 

Shipping and Packaging lookouts

  • Partner with a renowned shipping company that has a decent track record of delivering packages with the stipulated time and in perfect condition and that serves companies or clients with complex needs. Also, ensure they are aware of the average number of orders per month and a tentative date of delivery of the orders.
  • Alongside, remember many shipping companies, offer premium services and that calls for some extra amount than normal delivery service. Make sure you are accustomed to all the extra costs required before shipping. However, the cost is not always correlated with the service.
  • Many shipping companies in Australia, as well as worldwide, provide free shipping up to a certain distance which is a brilliant marketing strategy to attract customers. Also, ensure you are aware of the availability of specialized services.
  • Packaging efficiently and creatively has the right impression on the customer and reduces the risk of getting damaged on the way.
  • The weight and size of the package are correlated with the cost of shipping. Heavier the product, more robust packaging is required to make it secure.
  • Fragile products need cushion-like protection packaging for their safety. They are generally packed in larger boxes and labeled.
  • Before shipping makes sure to verify the shipping company has updated tracking technology. In the eCommerce delivery and logistics field, the use of innovative technology upgrades delivery success rate and customer satisfaction.


ECommerce and Delivery 

The Australian E-Commerce industry has seen substantial growth over the past few years. This is the reason why most shipping companies in Australia have taken the baby steps to become eCommerce friendly, providing multiple shipping and delivery services to their merchants, most importantly providing fast delivery services. 

Standard Delivery, a method of domestic shipping for eCommerce in Australia is adopted by most e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and many more. It includes detailed tracking, parcels up to 5kg and the network reaches all of Australia. Other methods include next-day delivery if it has to be delivered to a different city or same-day delivery if it has to be delivered four-five hours after booking within a metro network. 

Adopting methods of domestic shipping for eCommerce in Australia has benefited many small-scale businesses where the owner runs the business himself/herself without any employees. They find these services ideal to deliver their products safely and securely, saving much time and this in return brings back profit to the eCommerce industry. 

Read, Learn and Choose

These are the basic factors you must consider before choosing any shipping company for delivering your shipment. Choose wisely, choose companies that can fulfill your delivery demand. Don’t look for companies that are cheap thinking that would save your budget. In reality, you would be compromising the quality of service and welcoming risk factors of your shipment getting damaged.