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  • 20 Dec 2021

Online shopping and delivering parcels to customers have become mainstream businesses. With the rising online products and more businessmen offering online services, customers are loving the new concept and gradually increasing their order placement.

But we have seen many small and medium business owners defining delivering products as a difficult process as they have to rely on courier service partners.

A shipping aggregator is the ultimate choice that can save you from the complicated process. Freight save brings multiple carriers into one platform and offers online retailers lower-than-normal shipping rates for delivering their products. 

As shipping aggregators in Australia, we provide small business owners greater visibility across parcel security, pricing, and the security to choose the cheapest one. 

We also deliver protected parcels and products to your customers on time and without any damage.

Benefits of selecting one of the most trusted shipping aggregators in Australia

  • Reliability and Care

The moment you pack the item and send it out for delivery there are chances for the product to get damaged or misplaced in transit.

Having the correct delivery aggregator will ensure that the package is in good hands and they will eliminate the worry of product misplacement.

  • Very cost-effective for the business provider

The traditional methods of transporting goods and delivering items are extremely expensive.

Therefore the shipping aggregator offers fare rates to all types of business providers and helps them to transport personalized items at flat rates per-mile rate.

Also, some shipping aggregators provide services according to the weight of the product, if the weight of the product is less then the cost of shipping would be very affordable.

Less shipping charges is a great opportunity to retain customers and offer them discounted rates for shipping larger volumes.

  • 24*7 customer service and support

Customers want an immediate solution to the problems like not receiving the product on information related to the exact place of the date. All our courier partners are reachable 24*7 and are available through telephone. You can contact them and solve your issues almost instantly.

  • Fast Service delivered across the town

Normally delivering a product takes almost two days and two weeks but nowadays sending products has been very easy.

Wondering why!

Shipping Aggregators has made it absolutely easy for online companies in Australia by partnering with several courier companies. In fact, you can offer next-day delivery services to your customers. This means if a person orders today, you can deliver the product the very next day.

The benefit of hiring a shipping aggregator for your business is that they guarantee that the product will arrive as promised.

Also, courier aggregators have complete knowledge about the city and the best routes that help them to ensure prompt delivery.

  • Complete protection of your shipment

Whether it’s a large parcel courier or other shipments choosing a courier aggregator in Australia means complete protection of your information related to the shipments.

Since courier aggregators have a partnership with several courier companies, the shipments are handled by their in-house staff.

Also, they are licensed and insured so you can confidently partner with them as your courier partner.

  • Courier services are incredibly easy to use

Small businesses can save quite a bit of time and concentrate more on their duties.

The packaging is handled by the courier partner and they ensure safe packaging and keep them damage-proof as much as possible.

Since the day ensures scheduling the delivery, picking the packaging and safely delivering it to the customers as a business owner you can easily spend your time checking orders and dispatching their products as soon as possible.

  • Courier aggregators are insured

No matter the size of your business or what industry you belong to, sending important packages and documents are protected as the courier aggregators are fully insured.

It means that your package will be protected and if someone the delivery partner could not reach the customers then it will safely reach the business owner’s address.

  • Same day delivery boost the customer requirements

The same-day or next-day delivery services launched by Amazon have increased the competition among other courier service providers.

More and more aggregators are offering same-day delivery or venturing into next-day delivery services.

The advantage for business providers is that they can offer customers more and keep them happy.

Also, aggregators are well aware of the areas and can easily deliver their projects on time without wasting much time to find the customer’s address.  

Freight Save is one of Australia’s first choices for shipping and courier delivery as we are the best aggregators in the country and are completely reliable, affordable and provide timely delivery.

Being one of the leading Logistics and freight companies in Australia, we offer freight services for both small, medium and large businesses and individuals looking for courier delivery.

From single item delivery to bulk item delivery, we ensure you uncompromised services at the specific time frame.

Moreover, with us, you can enjoy safer and fastest shipments at the most affordable rates as we care about other businesses as well the customers you are operating services. Contact us for freight services in Australia.